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What makes the top cruising sites better than others? The best sites are for the cruiser who knows when, where and how they want to cruise and the type of ship that they want to spend their vacation on.

onboard a cruise shipMany cruise booking sites are completely automated, so passengers can complete the entire process online. In many cases, the sites are less expensive than using a traditional agency and will even offer passenger a discount if they do not utilize a live person to assisit with the booking.

Discounts vs Value Added vs Shipboard Credit is the biggest question for passengers.

This is one of the toughest question for passengers. ┬áDo you choose a site that offers a free on board credit and pay a little more for the cruise? Maybe you like to look for the deepest discounts and prefer to book at the last minute. Regardless of your preference, today’s cruise passengers have a myriad of choices – all in their favor.When cruise

They include promotions such as shore excursions credit, dinner for 2 and/or shipboard credits. In many cases, the promotion must be redeemed onboard per the terms of the offer. Because of a highly competitive market, almost 100% of the online booking sites have to offer something extra to remain competitive.

Why do cruise lines offer Value Added or Shipboard Credits instead of a discounted price?
Many cruise lines want to create a level playing field for online sites to remain competitive and profitable but in many cases, there are additional fees that could be considered hidden – so read the fine lines and be aware of fees to good to be true.